My goal is to leave you with the skills to make your team better!

My courses are designed for the first time decoy to the 20 year handler. From the basic service dog decoy to 10 targets of opportunity there is something for everyone. I am an "outside" the box type of instructor and very passionate about my decoy work. During my decoy career I have been fortunate to work with some of the worlds top canine teams. Let me share my experience with you!

Basic Service Dog Decoy

The Basic Service dog decoy course is designed to introduce the student to   all areas of decoy work. From the proper way to administer an exposed sleeve bite to absorption of impact while wearing a bite suit I cover it all! This course is a great class for the new decoy or the "salty dog"!

Course length 3 days

15 student maximum

Cost is $500 per team

10 Targets Of Opportunity


I am a firm believer that our service dogs must take the first target presented during a deployment. Often times our dogs get used to biting only one target area and its our job as the decoy to fix this. This course is designed to enhance your canine and make him/her a more complete working dog. During this course we together will introduce your partner to the new areas of targeting by laying the proper foundation for the new target areas.

*Do a quick test*Have your decoy (in a bite suit) go and stand at the top of a small flight of stairs and agitate your dog. Once your dog is in drive deploy him/her for a bite. Your dog should take the first target of opportunity. In this case it would be the foremost leg. Did he/her bite the leg? If not this course is for you!

Course length 2 days

20 student maximum

cost is $500 per team

Personal/Private Instruction


 Want to work in a private setting? Need a little more one on one instruction? No problem. Personal/Private lessons allow you the student to have 100% of my attention and instruction. This is a great way to address problems with your canine or to enhance your personal decoy skills and take them to the next level. Personal/Private instruction is fully customized to meet your needs.  

This is a customized course 

cost is $250 per session with a 3 session minimum

All expenses are paid by the student (travel, food, etc.)