Wade Morrell


Wade Morrell


·        Former United States Marine

·        20 years in Law Enforcement

·        Police Officer with the South Bloomfield Police Department South               Bloomfield Ohio and former Officer/Deputy with:

  • Columbus Ohio Division of Police full time 13 years

  • Hamilton County Ohio Sheriff’s Department full time 3 years

·        Owner and creator of Bite-Works Police and Military   consulting company

·        CEO/Owner of Priority 1 Canine LLC

·        Featured on ABC’S Shark Tank

·        Featured on NAT-GEO Wilds Alpha Dogs Reality TV show

·        Featured in RECOIL Magazine

·        Contributing writer for Tactical News Magazine

·        Instructed hundreds of Police and Military Personnel

·        Inventor of the “10 targets of opportunity” Canine Targeting System

·        Creator of the 3 Prong Approach to Canine Instruction

·        Certified DVG Regional Level IPO Helper

·        2008 USRC Rottweiler National back half Helper

·        2x PSA National Select Decoy (2009,2010)

·        Level 2 Certified International French Ring Decoy with over 20 trials worked


Wade is considered an expert in the field of canine apprehension and bite techniques. Wade has also held the office of president/training director for numerous canine sport clubs. In 2009 Wade was asked to design the bite development and decoy classes for the industry’s largest Police and Military canine training company. Since then Wade has designed the countries most sought after bite development and decoy course. Wade has instructed hundreds of Military and Police personnel and often teaches elite military units such as the United States Army Special Forces and the United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command. Wade is requested all over the world as an instructor. In 2013 Wade was invited to the Countries of Brazil and Colombia to work with specialized canine units and returned in 2014, and 2015 to continue to work with those groups.

During Wade’s Marine Corps enlistment Wade was assigned to the Marine Corps Crash Fire Rescue unit for 4 years. Wade lived abroad for over a year with the Marines and spent time in Japan and Thailand while he served. After Wade’s service he was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and became a Police Officer in the State of Ohio. Wade was assigned to numerous different units with the Police Department to include: Patrol, Training, Undercover work, Bicycle Patrol, and the Detective unit. During Wade’s active career as an officer he made hundreds of arrests for all types of crimes and attended numerous different specialized training courses. While Wade was an Officer, he attended and graduated from the basic instructor course offered by the State of Ohio which allowed him to instruct Police Recruits and Active Officers. Wade still serves in a Reserve capacity and is current in his state certification.